Monday, October 31, 2016

This Will Be a Very Eventful Week

Some weeks are relatively uneventful, others, however, are full to the brim with scheduled high impact news events that cause a lot of volatility on the market. The next five days are definitely part of the latter, not the former.

Here are the main events that we can expect to cause such major volatility this week:

Monday – on Monday we can expect the Bank of Japan Outlook Report, Policy Rate and Monetary Policy Statement.
Tuesday – on Tuesday there will be a BoJ Press Conference, as well as a speech by Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz.
Wednesday – the main event on Wednesday is undoubtedly the FOMC statement and the Federal Funds Rate announcement.
Thursday – on Thursday will be announced the Bank of England Inflation Report, as well as the Official Bank Rate.
Friday – and finally on Friday we can expect the announcement of the US Change in the Non-farm Payrolls.