Tuesday, August 08, 2017

The ActivTrader Platform

One of the most important decisions a trader makes before they even begin trading is which platform they will use to facilitate that trading. The leading online broker ActivTrades makes that decision very easy by providing the ActivTrader platform, which has multiple advantages:

ActivTrader is easy to use – it has an intuitive interface but it provides all functionalities needed for sophisticated traders, making it suitable for everyone.

ActivTrader is available on all iOS devices, as well as on one’s browser. You will always have access to your trading platform and you will never miss a trading opportunity.

ActivTrader gives traders access to a wide range of instruments needed for Forex, Metals, Indices, Gold and Silver.

ActivTrader has advanced charting – you can add multiple charts and use special technical analysis tools. You will also have access to over 90 different indicators that you can add with just one click in order to strengthen your trading.

ActivTrader has a one-click trading functionality so you can trade instantly on the fast-paced market.
And last but not least, by using ActivTrader you can manage your risk and exposure through stop loss and take profit orders, as the platform has all the features needed for an effective trading strategy.

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