Friday, March 25, 2016

Today Is Good Friday. EUR/USD Reached a Strong Support

Today a large part of the Christian world is celebrating Good Friday, which is why the market in most of these countries is closed, with the exception of the currency pairs.
I want to wish all my fellow traders who are celebrating today a happy and peaceful Easter!

I also want to remind those my fellow traders who have decided to open new trades despite the holiday that apart from being a holiday, today is also Friday, which means that the market will close soon in general.  
I, personally, don’t expect any major movements on the market, most pairs will probably be consolidating. I think we should all keep this in mind and not hope for any major trades today.

Although it seems that today will be pretty  uneventful, EUR/USD has reached a very strong level of support. Which is why I opened short-term long positions.